This is the Website of the Graville Family

descended from John Graville of Epworth, Lincolnshire

born 1670 died 1725.

and it includes the spellings

Graville / Gravill / Gravil / Gravell / Gravel


John was married to Ann Smith and she died in 1727. Not much is known of the history of John and Ann except that they had three children Richard, John and Robert and of these only the descendants of John are at the present time known. John senior was my six times Great-Grandfather, and I have been able to contact many of his descendants in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia and even, we think, Argentina as well as here in the UK.

It is very pleasing when another cousin or branch of the family is unearthed and contact is made. There is no doubt that the Internet has contributed greatly to the ease and speed of contact and whilst in the past overland (or overseas) mail took weeks, communication is now almost instant

    My branch of the family live in and around Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England. I have been married to Barbara for 38 years and we have two grown up sons, John who is 34, lives in Wales and is married to Joanne, and Paul 32 is married to Rachel and lives in Birmingham.

    Barbara and I live in a rustic cottage in the village of Lea just outside Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. I am active in our local Anglican Church, St Helen's.  Barbara's interests are art and design and she graduated in 2007 from the Open University with a degree in Humanities

Since I started, with my cousin Maxine, the project  of  'finding and reuniting Gravilles'  the success we have had is phenomenal and from having a very small family we now have an extended family around the world. Matt and Rachel Graville from Lopez Island in USA have already been to stay and we look forward to hosting as many as care to come.

Epworth, the family home village, is famous for also being the home of the founders the Methodist Movement the Wesley brothers Charles and John. and  Gainsborough Old Hall  was a meeting place of those who became known as "The Pilgrim Fathers" The owner at the time being sympathetic to their cause.

I should very much like to hear from any others of the "Graville" family and particularly so if you would care to send me photos and family history for possible inclusion in this website.


It should be noted that our name can be spelt variously as

Graville / Gravill / Gravil / Gravell / Gravel

  and these spellings are used interchangeably throughout the family tree, several variations often being used for children of the same parents or even the individuals themselves. It has proved somewhat confusing and stems mainly from the fact that in the past no fixed idea of what constituted 'correct' spelling existed so baptismal, marriage and death certificates were at the whim of the registrar. 


I look forward to hearing from you with all the news, views and photos of your branch of the family. Keep watching the site for updates and new information - there's more to enter when I have it sorted


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17 September, 2008



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